Audiolab 8200CDQ DAC/CD/Pre Amplifier SKU A-8200CDQV12-SIL
RRP $2,399.99

Audiolab 8200CDQ DAC/CD/Pre Amplifier

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Audiolab 8200CDQ DAC/CD/Pre Amplifier SKU A-8200CDQV12-SIL
RRP $2,399.99

John Westlake led the design team responsible for developing the 8200CD and 8200CDQ. John's technical skills have delivered award-winning digital audio products spanning the last two decades and a variety of companies have benefitted from his expertise.

John is convinced that the 8200CD and 8200CDQ are the finest CD players he has ever designed.


Product Description


The 8200CDQ adds full preamp functionality to the 8200CD, whilst maintaining the same chassis size as the 8200CD. The existing digital inputs are joined by three line-level analogue inputs, providing source selection and volume control in the analogue domain.

The preamplifier section is fully balanced and all analogue input signals are converted to balanced form, helping to reduce distortion and noise. Class A gain structures are present throughout, and users may choose between pre-amplification in the analogue or digital domain in respect of the digital inputs. In addition, the 8200CDQ adds a direct-coupled, discrete, Class A headphone amplifier, accessible via a socket on the front panel.

Frequency Response  20Hz-20kHz (+/-2dB) 
Dynamic Range  RCA: > 98dB, XLR: > 100dB 
Crosstalk  RCA: < -120dB, XLR: < -130dB 
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)  RCA <0.0025% XLR <0.008% 
D/A Converter  ESS Sabre32Bit 9018 Chip 
D/A Resolution  32 bits 
Analogue Output Connections  1 pair RCA Phono and 1 pair of balanced XLR 
Digital Output Connections  1 x RCA Phono and 1 x Optical TOSlink 
Input Connections  2 x Coax, 2 x TosLink, 1 x USB, 3 x RCA 
Included Accessories  Remote Control 
Dimensions (H x W x D)  78 x 445 x 335mm 
Weight  6kg 
Colour Choice  Black or Silver 
Why Audiolab
  • Highly respected British name
  • Specialises in Digital Audio technology
  • Multi-Award Winning products
  • At the forefront of DAC technology