Cabasse Baltic EV On Wall SKU CAB-ENC1246-0
RRP $10,999.99
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Cabasse Baltic EV On Wall

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Cabasse Baltic EV On Wall SKU CAB-ENC1246-0
RRP $10,999.99
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Cabasse Baltic. The Reference High End compact loudspeaker.

To bring out the acoustical and aesthetical beauties of this jewel, Cabasse designed a new stand and new finish. The on wall and bookshelf versions are also available in several finishes.

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With its unique 3-way coaxial driver mounted in a sphere for a perfectly controlled and homogeneous diffusion, its definition and dynamic range are comparable to the most sophisticated systems available. The realism and 3D soundstage are exclusive to speakers designed using Cabasse Spatially Coherent System (SCS) principles.

The evolution of the Baltic and the launch of the TC23 has been able to surpass the performance this long established reference speaker. The new tri-axial unit offers great improvements with extended throw and power handling for the low-midrange and a new patent-pending diaphragm for the tweeter.

Made from new high-tech material, this new membrane provides an ultra linear response up to 25 kHz with no compromise in efficiency or dynamic range. Sharing the same exclusive TC23 Tri-Axial driver used in the Cabasse reference speakers La Sphere and L'Ocean, Baltic is a one of kind loudspeaker available in three versions; On Stand, On Base, and On Wall.

Speaker Type Coaxial (SCS) 3 way design
Mid/Bass Driver 8 inch Duocell® (TC23)
Midrange Driver 4 inch Duocell® (TC23)
Tweeter 1.1 inch Polyether (TC23)
Frequency Response 80Hz - 25kHz
Power Handling 220 Watts RMS / 1520 Watts Peak
Sensitivity 90dB
Nominal Impedence 8 Ohms
Dimensions (H x W x D) 270 x 270 x 350 mm each
Weight 7kg each
Colour Pearl, Black Pearl, White