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The Benefits of Digital Music over Compact Disc

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 24 August 2017 1173 Views

It’s incredible to think just how fast the world has made the shift from vinyl to cassette tape to compact disc, and now to digital music.

CDs enjoyed a long-running popularity after outselling cassettes for the first time in 1993, but as of 2015, apps like Spotify helped to bring digital music to the forefront and or the first time outstrip CD sales. So what’s the big deal about digital music? We look at how accessibility, streaming and portability all add to its appeal.

Are Ceiling Speakers Right for Your Home?

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 3 April 2017 7319 Views

If you’ve ever seen in-ceiling speakers installed in a house, you’ll know how seamless and modern they can be. Are they right for your own home setup, though? That’ll depend on a few factors. Here are the answers to the questions we’re most commonly asked about in-ceiling speakers.

Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 20 March 2017 6601 Views

It makes sense to have a wireless music streaming option at home. Not only are you minimising cables and cords, you can also enjoy high audio fidelity with ever-improving streaming quality. Wireless streamers make it simple to add wireless capability to your existing amplifier. But which option between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming is the way to go? We take a look at the pros and cons of both.

When to Adjust Your Home Theatre Budget

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 23 February 2017 227 Views

It's worth investing a little more for a big return on sound. Here's when you should consider adjusting your budget while investing in your home sound system.