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A Closer Look at Cabasse Speakers​

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 16 February 2017 3389 Views
A Closer Look at Cabasse Speakers​

Serious audiophiles will choose audio quality over aesthetics every time, but what if you didn’t need to choose between the two? With French audio manufacturer Cabasse, classic French minimalist design meets cutting-edge audio tech. We take a closer look at this renowned high-end audio brand and its offerings.

A History of Quality

Georges Cabasse knew what he was doing when he founded Cabasse in 1950. For five generation before he began designing speakers, his ancestors crafted world-famous Cabasse violins, cellos and violas. Little wonder that his focus was on recreating true concert sound with very low distortion or colouration.

Since then Cabasse speakers have been used in leading sound recording studios, cinemas and at one point in the 1960s, underwater loudspeakers for the French Navy. In the eighties, the brand became particularly known for its honeycomb membranes used in both its compact home hi-fi systems as well as its theatre subwoofers. Today, Cabasse designs are still driven towards capturing the true emotion and power of live performances. You can be confident that anything designed in the Cabasse Acoustic Centre in Western France is built to provide the ultimate listening experience.

The Cabasse Range

Cabasse offers the chance to have some of that high fidelity experience in your own home theatre or sound system through a number of speaker solutions.

Cabasse has developed potent little spherical speakers that pack a powerful audio punch. The Cabasse iO2 and Baltic systems are extremely versatile as they are available in a variety of mounting options, from floor standing, to shelf or wall mounted versions, and all look equally as spectacular in any home theatre or sound setup. Pair them with a Cabasse Santorin series subwoofer for flat and smooth low frequencies.

The Archipel series of loudspeakers use the same technologies as the Cabasse spheres, but are designed to be installed in walls or ceilings for the ultimate discreet look, and offer the same open sound and musicality as every other Cabasse product.

If you’re looking for a compact home theatre solution that looks as flawless as it sounds, the Cabasse Eole 3 system provides miniature satellite speakers that can be wall, floor or shelf mounted for the perfect setup. The included Santorin 21M2 subwoofer with 8 inch woofer and a 200 Watt amplifier further ensures your cinematic experience offers plenty of grunt.

The full Cabasse range offers high-end audio quality for any application, from dedicated floor speakers to outdoor speakers that hark back to the brand’s nautical heritage. Cabasse is dedicated to pursuing the perfect live sound which is exactly why they’re so loved around the globe. If you’re ready to submerge yourself in the depths of audio bliss with Cabasse, find a AV Revolution dealer or contact us today to find the right solution for your needs.
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