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How a High Resolution DAC can Improve your audio experience

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 26 August 2016 818 Views

Most people are not concerned with the way digital music is reproduced on their Hi-Fi system. After all, your CD player works just as well as your turntable when connected to the same amplifier.

But if you think about it, the turntable is producing an analogue signal based on vibrations from the stylus running in the record’s groove. Without an analogue signal to feed to the speakers, there can be no sound wave. So how does a CD player turn the sequence of zeros and ones that make up a digital track into an analogue signal?

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How to Choose the Right Floor Speakers

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 26 August 2016 828 Views

Before choosing floor speakers, the first thing to consider is the room you are putting them in. If you have an intimate space, you can probably manage with 8 inch speakers linked to an amplifier in the 25 watt range. For example, the Wharfedale Atlantic AT-200-HG would be perfect for a bedroom. But what happens when you need to fill a bigger space?

Choosing the Right Bookshelf Speakers

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 26 August 2016 1647 Views

In the 1980s, the fashion for large, floor-standing speakers that dominated the living room began to wane among Hi-Fi owners. The idea of a compact speaker system was not a new one, but it took technological advances in the 60s and 70s before it was possible to make a small, affordable speaker that had the frequency range of the bigger cabinets with their 15 inch woofers and resonating chambers. The age of the bookshelf speaker had arrived.