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When to Adjust Your Home Theatre Budget

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 23 February 2017 538 Views

It's worth investing a little more for a big return on sound. Here's when you should consider adjusting your budget while investing in your home sound system.

A Closer Look at Cabasse Speakers​

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 16 February 2017 3514 Views

Cabasse offers the latest in crisp, clear sound and modern French design. We take a closer look at this quality speaker brand and its product range.

A Brief Guide to Audio Amplifier Classes

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 8 February 2017 556 Views

If you’ve been shopping around for amplifiers you may have spotted Class A, B, A/B, D, G or H within the specifications. So what the heck do these classes actually mean? They aren’t any indication of performance or quality, but rather a guide to the amplifier’s circuitry and how it processes the sound input. Although these differentiations are complex we’ve put together a very brief guide to help clarify the different types and help you choose between the different Ecko, Quad and Audiolab amps on offer.