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Are Ceiling Speakers Right for Your Home?

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 3 April 2017 34821 Views
Are Ceiling Speakers Right for Your Home?

Are in-ceiling speakers actually any good?

As with any audio hardware, high quality ceiling speakers are not simply normal speakers placed into a ceiling friendly enclosure, they are specifically designed to perform at their best when they are installed in ceilings and can sound exceptionally good! Ceiling speakers in Australia are installed both in entertaining spaces and in home theatres, often in conjunction with other speakers. We absolutely love the Proficient Audio range as one example that provides in-ceiling, in-wall and on-wall speaker options to build the sound you’re looking for.

Can I set up a complete house solution with ceiling speakers?

Ceiling speakers can be an ideal way of equipping your entire home with high quality sound. They eliminate visible cables and cords, and when properly installed they’ll provide balanced audio no matter what your furniture configuration. You’ll want to think about the function of each room as well as how sound will physically behave in different spaces; for example, dining rooms and bathrooms will need fewer speakers while an open-plan or high-ceilinged living space may require additional placements or a larger speaker. Working with an experienced audio-visual specialist is invaluable in ensuring you get the maximum enjoyment from your investment for many years of even, high fidelity music and audio.

Are ceiling speakers the right solution for my home theatre system?

That’s hard to say without knowing where and why you’re planning to install them. Many people who choose ceiling speakers simply prefer their speakers to be out of the way for a clean and uncluttered look with great quality sound, and ceiling speakers certainly enable you to achieve that. For others, who are more traditional in their approach, a very popular option is using floor or bookshelf speakers for the front speakers, while ceiling speakers are used as the rear channels helping to remove some of the clutter of having traditional speakers in the room, while still providing the required performance.

How well do ceiling speakers work in a surround sound setup?

Of course there are situations where ceiling speakers are not the appropriate choice, but a high percentage of surround sound systems use ceiling speakers, and with the right planning, ceiling speakers will sound just as good as traditional large box speakers.

Whether you want future flexibility in your room and furniture layout, or creating a dedicated home theatre room, the placement of your ceiling speakers and setup will need to be carefully planned from the beginning. It’s a good idea to choose ceiling speakers that allow you to swivel and reposition their angles to optimise your listening experience, such as the Cabasse Eole in-ceiling speaker. To ensure you make the correct decision, ideally you will want to discuss your requirements with an audio-visual specialist.

If you’re still unsure about whether in-ceiling speakers are going to be right for your space’s layout and purpose, then it would be worth visiting an AV Revolution stockist. You can get expert guidance on the best setup for your home and room plan, as well as recommendations for quality ceiling speakers in Australia.
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