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Hi Fi News says the Quad VA-One is "..everything a modern integrated amp/DAC should be.."

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 28 November 2016 8150 Views
Hi Fi News says the Quad VA-One is "..everything a modern integrated amp/DAC should be.."

Superb Quad VA-One review in Hi-Fi News!

The Quad VA-One receives a fabulous three-page review in the December 2016 issue of Hi-Fi News, the highly respected audiophile journal. Renowned audio journalist Ken Kessler writes with his customary gusto, leaving the reader in no doubt of his admiration of Quad’s little marvel, stating "...I adore the VA-One. It’s everything a modern integrated amp/DAC should be, yet with the retro warmth of valves"

What Makes the VA-One such a winner?

The Perfect marriage of classic valve technology and modern digital convenience: A fusion of Quad’s traditional valve-based expertise with all the convenience of digital connections is a match made in heaven.

With a footprint of just 18 x 13cm the Quad VA-One sits neatly on a table-top or desk... Yet it packs a wealth of connections including optical, coaxial and USB digital inputs, an analogue RCA input and Bluetooth wireless streaming with aptX.

It is Classic Hi-Fi for modern Music Lovers: The VA-One maintains the company's traditional dictum of "The Closest Approach To The Original Sound". This completes the final piece to an amplifier for modern music lover who craves mellifluous sound quality and the delicious retro appeal of valves, whilst listening to music from all manner of devices, such as smart phones, tablets and computers.

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