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When to Adjust Your Home Theatre Budget

By Audio Visual Revolution P/L 23 February 2017 485 Views
When to Adjust Your Home Theatre Budget

If you’re in the process of planning your home theatre or sound system, you’ll know it’s all too easy to go a little overboard with extra features and upgrades. If you’re going to do it you might as well do it properly, right?

The problem is, upgrades can quickly get expensive. The trick is to be smart about the elements you invest more into for noticeable benefits. Here’s when you should consider adjusting your budget to achieve the optimal result.

Think short term with your TV

Your TV is centre stage in your home theatre setup, and you’ll probably be spending anywhere from a third to half of your budget on this if you’re upgrading. One key factor is buying the appropriate size for your theatre room rather than simply buying the biggest you can afford, along with choosing the connectivity and streaming capabilities that you’ll actually use. Keep in mind that your TV will probably be outdated within a few years while good speakers can last you a few decades or more. We know which one we’d be splashing out on.

Be picky with your AV Receiver

Your receiver connects all of your video and audio inputs for a more organised system. It’s easy to blow your budget when it comes to the fancy features on offer, from built-in streaming support to internet radio. There’s nothing wrong with these features, but the same principles as with the TV still apply don’t pay extra for functionality you’ll forget you even have or that will be superseded quite quickly by new technologies. It is always best to invest the extra budget on your amplifier and speakers instead of “bells and whistles”.

Concentrate on speakers and amplifiers

It pays to be focused when you go speaker shopping. Are you looking for a two-channel, 5.1, 7.1 or different surround system? Consider your space and whether you want floor standing speakers or want to get them out of the way on your shelves, walls or ceilings. Regardless of the style of speakers you will want, the centre speaker is also a crucial part of your new system as almost all of the dialogue in a movie will be coming from this speaker.

Truth be told, you’re never going to get the sound you want out of a soundbar as they are simply swiss army knifes for home theatre. They do lots of things but are really not made to excel at any of them. It is absolutely worth investing in a quality amplifier, subwoofer and speakers that will give you clear, rich sound. Respected brands are always a good idea – not only for your listening benefit but also for their resell value if you decide to upgrade in the future. Ultimately, because speakers are such a significant and long-term investment they should absolutely be chosen by what sounds best to you.

Shop by sound, not price

Your sound and home theatre system will be there for every house party, every blockbuster explosion and every new life-changing album for many years to come. Our advice is to shop by sound to find a setup you love by going in store and experiencing the results for yourself.

We work hard to stock only the highest quality ceiling, wall, floor and bookshelf speakers in Australia. Browse through our range or make your way to an AV Revolution dealer today to put your audio budget to good use.
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