Proficient Audio C625TT SKU PR-PAS12625
RRP $449.99

Proficient Audio C625TT

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Proficient Audio C625TT SKU PR-PAS12625
RRP $449.99

The C625TT is the most affordable way to get Proficient-quality stereo sound. With its dual-voice-coil woofer and twin tweeters, it is able to reproduce both left and right channels in a single, easy-to-install in-ceiling speaker. Super-high sensitivity also makes the C625TT compatible even with inexpensive, low-powered amplifiers.

Product Description


The C625TT gives you stereo sound where mounting two speakers is impractical, such as in a hallway or bathroom. Its 6½ inch polypropylene woofer has dual voice coils so it can reproduce left and right stereo channels. Dual ½ inch hard dome tweeters handle the high frequencies.

Careful tuning from Proficient's team of devoted audio enthusiast/engineers makes the C625TT a sweet-sounding little speaker. You can use the C625TT with any amplifier, thanks to its high 92dB sensitivity. A typical speaker requires three times as much power! It's easy to install, too, thanks to a sturdy dogleg mounting system.

All of Proficient's 6½ inch ceiling speakers use the same mounting template so you never have to worry about cutting the wrong size hole.

Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets.

Woofer DUAL VC 6.5 inch Polypropylene Cone
Tweeter DUAL 0.5 inch Hard Dome
Frequency Response 36Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity 92dB
Power Handling 75 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
External Dimensions 235mm
Cutout Diameter 210mm
Mounting Depth 100mm
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