Cabasse Alcyone In-ceiling Adapter
RRP $339.99

Cabasse Alcyone In-ceiling Adapter

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Cabasse Alcyone In-ceiling Adapter SKU CAB-ALCYONE-2-CEILING-KIT
RRP $339.99

Eole 2 and Eole 3 ceiling mount adapter kit

Product Description


This adapter kit allows you to convert your Alcyone 2 speaker from a desktop or Wall version into an in ceiling speaker.

It is perfect if you wan to to ceiling mount the rear speakers from your Alcyone 2 5.1 Home Cinema System 

The kit is supplied with both round and square bezels for universal fitting.

Adapter Diameter 169mm
Cutout Diameter 141 mm
Mounting Depth in mm 61mm
Included Grilles Round and Square
Why Cabasse
  • French specialist speaker manufacturer
  • Established in 1950 by Georges Cabasse
  • Unparallelled technical exactness
  • Unmatched know-how in electro-acoustics
  • Complete respect of natural sounds