Where to Buy an External DAC or Headphone Amplifier Online in Australia

What is a DAC? Why would you need one? These are questions often asked by people looking to increase the performance of their sound systems. Here, we uncover just what a DAC is, and where you can get one in Australia.

First, DAC stands for “Digital Analogue Converter,” and as the name suggests, is a device for converting digital signals such as those that are internal to your sound system, into analogue signals that you might need to run a pair of headphones. Many devices such as computers and media players have a DAC built in, but they are often not good quality. Since the quality of the sound you eventually hear is based on how good the DAC is, many people decide to buy their own external DAC to improve the sound.
If you’re serious about your music and spend a lot of time listening on headphones, or if you’re an avid gamer who requires the very best sound quality from your computer, then buying an external DAC for your system is a sensible upgrade.

Up sampling and Jitter Reduction

Another huge benefit of using a headphone amplifier that incorporates an external DAC is the ability to upsample a signal. To put this simply, the signal that comes from your system might not be of good quality, let’s say it’s 16bit as an example. However, because it’s a digital signal, a DAC can upsample that signal before it’s converted to analogue ready for your headphones. All DACs have different capabilities, but if you can increase the signal from a 16bit to a 24bit signal, then the sound quality will also be enhanced.

Jittering is something that occurs in digital signals that can also decrease the sound quality of what you’re hearing. If you can reduce the amount of jitter, then what you hear will be clearer and crisper. Most DAC devices have a jitter reduction function to clean up digital signals further.

Further Benefits and Where to Buy a DAC or Headphone Amplifier Online in Australia

On top of the sound improvements you can get from a DAC, there are is another advantage. Most DACs or headphone amplifiers allow the connection of two or more devices, meaning you can connect a HiFi system and a PC if you wish with the same device. If you want to connect a PC, make sure you get one with a USB input.

Headphone amplifiers and DACs come in all shapes and sizes and provide various qualities of sound, but if you’re looking for a good DAC in Australia, then one of the best places to go is Audio Visual Revolution. AVR has a multitude of DACs and headphone amplifiers to buy online, all easily viewable on a convenient online store.

AVR stocks quality devices from trusted names such as Audiolab, Quad, and Ekco. If you’d like any guidance regarding which one is best for your system, feel free to contact us for advice. We’re always happy to help. Call today on 02 9521 4844.