NuForce HAP-100 SKU N-H-HAP-100-BL

Regular Price: $878.99

Special Price $549.99

NuForce HAP-100

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NuForce HAP-100 SKU N-H-HAP-100-BL

Regular Price: $878.99

Special Price $549.99

The HAP-100 is a headphone amplifier and analogue pre-amplifier for the audio enthusiast for whom quality headphone listening is a priority. Its innovative design offers features never before available at its price point. Most significantly, the HAP-100 shares technologies first employed in NuForce's flagship P-20 preamp, along with other audiophile-grade developments.

Product Description


As with the remarkable P-20, the HAP-100 exploits NuForce's most recent work in volume controls. At the unit's core is a switched-resistor ladder network of low-noise, thin-film resistors, one per volume setting, permitting discrete, high-resolution increments of 1dB for the HAP-100's one hundred volume steps.


  • A single-ended Class A headphone amplifier stage (a design topology long held by audiophiles to be the last word in headphone reproduction)
  • Top-grade relays for input selection
  • A linear power supply employing a toroidal transformer, large capacitor reserves and high-speed regulation for fast, clean power to all circuits
  • Four low-noise, stereo RCA inputs
  • One RCA stereo output offering a full 7.8Vrms to effortlessly drive any amplifier.
  • A front-panel 6.3mm jack for large, over-ear headphones
  • A full-featured remote control
Inputs: 4 x Stereo Line Level 

1 x Stereo Line Level

1 x 6.3mm Headphone

Signal-to-Noise Ratio > 100dB (1kHz, A-weighted)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.002%
Frequency Response:  10 to 185kHz +0.2dB/-3dB
Input impedance: 20K ohm
Output impedance: 100 ohm
Maximum output (Line Level): 7.8Vrms (Line Level)
Maximum output (Headphones):

5.2Vrms (Hi-Z)

5.1Vrms (300 ohm)

1.8Vrms (30 ohm)

0.9Vrms (16 ohm)

Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm:  50 x 216 x 229
Weight :  1.0Kg
Colour Choice: Black