Are Ceiling Speakers Right for Your Adelaide Home Theatre? Upgrade Your TV Sound Systems

If you’re thinking about installing home theatre systems in your Adelaide home, there’s much to consider before you get started. It all begins with figuring out how you want to use the system. For instance, with home theatre systems used only for big occasions, a more subtle and subdued approach is probably best. For true TV devotees, however, something that looks impressive and noticeable might be appropriate.

Whatever you’re looking for, if you’re like most people buying TV speakers, you want to balance the quality you get with a reasonable price. That can be hard to do in Adelaide and around Australia.

There are a few important things to keep in mind if you want to avoid paying more for your speakers than you’d planned. At AV Revolution we stock renowned brands at competitive prices to suit your needs.

Why Ceiling Speakers Are Taking Off in Adelaide

On another note, more isn’t always better. The right design can give you just as much sound coverage as a more equipment-heavy system, and creative solutions such as in ceiling speakers make it easy to design a system especially for your space.

There are other benefits to the in-ceiling option for TV speakers in Adelaide as well. Ceiling speakers are specially designed to sit flush in a ceiling setting. This puts them out of the way (and off the floor) and gives home theatre systems a sleek, modern look that’s sure to impress. They also eliminate the eyesore of exposed wiring and cords and provide the ability to be painted to match the colour of your ceiling. All in all, these compact speakers are a fantastic option for in-home use.

Other Speaker Options to Consider

Of course, ceiling speakers aren’t the right option for everyone. Depending on what your space looks like, ceiling speakers might not provide the best sound quality or work well with your entertainment set up. Very high ceilings, for instance, might be too far away to provide a clean sound. Some building materials and architectural structures can also make them hard to install.

In that case, in-wall speakers might be a suitable alternative to consider. With in-wall speakers, you get the flexibility and space of a ceiling option, but the sound is a little closer to ear level and allows you to work around issues with ceiling design. Regardless, the only way to know for sure what’s going to work well in your home is to get in touch with AVR today and talk to one of our experienced technicians.