The Benefits of Ceiling Speakers for your Surround Sound or Home Theatre Systems in Brisbane

One of the most significant problems with many home theatre systems sold in Brisbane is the dilemma of where to place speakers. Sound bars, subwoofers, and traditional speaker cabinets all take up valuable floor and wall space, and if your room is already “compact,” then finding a place for all this stuff can be a real challenge or may cause the room to look cluttered.

What if you could install your speakers into the ceiling? They would be up and out of the way, and you could conveniently hide the wires up there too. Thankfully, you’re not the only one to have this idea, and there are now many ceiling speaker systems available to buy.

Ceiling speaker systems work much the same as most home theatre systems, except, of course, you will install the speakers in the ceiling. While this arrangement is advantageous for many reasons, the downside is they can be tricky to install. You’ll need to run cables inside the ceiling space, and holes will need to be cut into the ceiling to accommodate the speakers themselves. If you’re an avid DIYer, then you may wish to tackle the job yourself, however, given the important of positioning for best performance, it is best to get some advice from a professional or better yet ask an AV installer to do the work for you.

Placement of Ceiling Speakers in your Brisbane Home

One of the good things about ceiling speakers is that correctly positioned and installed they will provide the desired, balanced sound whilst maintaining a low profile appearance. If you’re going for a multiple speaker setup, such as with a surround sound system, you’ll probably have at least five speakers to install. Three at the front and two at the back. You may also have a subwoofer to provide an extra dynamic, but these are usually not placed in the ceiling. Given that every room is different, so carefully planning the positioning of your speakers before cutting any hole or running any wires is preferable to ensure the best sound and a more precise job.

Where to Buy and other Considerations

Ceiling speaker systems are much the same as regular systems in many respects, so the usual considerations still apply. Try to get speakers your budget allows for. If you’re placing speakers in rooms that may contain moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, try to get speakers that are moisture-resistant.

When looking for a surround sound system in Brisbane, whether it be a regular system or an in-ceiling setup, why not try the friendly team at Audio Visual Revolution. With a vast range to choose from and professional advice on which type of speaker is best and how to fit them, you can’t put a foot wrong.