Why You Should Add Ceiling Speakers to Your Melbourne Home Theatre or TV Surround Sound System

When you think about the typical TV surround sound system in Melbourne, what do you picture? If you’re like most people, you’re thinking of big floor speakers, bookshelf options, or maybe even something mounted on the wall. One option many people overlook - perhaps because they’re so effective while remaining unnoticed - is the in-ceiling speaker. While they’re not as flashy as more visible options and might seem like they’ll deliver a less powerful sound, these small but powerful devices are well designed for surround sound TV systems or home theatres.

While it’s true that some ceiling speakers can be a little lacklustre in the power they deliver, if you know what to look for, these speakers can be a much-needed solution to the central problem of any home entertainment system. The problem being how to fit everything you want in the room while still having space for furniture and yourself. Since ceiling speakers are, as you might imagine, set right into the ceiling, they leave you all your floor space and don’t draw the eye.

Upgrade to Surround Sound Ceiling Speakers in Melbourne

So how do you find a ceiling speaker that does all this without sacrificing sound quality or power? The trick - as we’ve discovered at Audio Visual Revolution (AVR) - is to buy the right brands. As an importer and distributor of high quality AV equipment from all over the world, we’ve scoped out which ceiling speakers work well - and which are duds you should avoid.

If you’re looking for quality above all, for instance, the Cabasse Eole provides innovative coaxial technology that is perfect for TV home theatres. With a sealed enclosure, these speakers are easy to install and look fantastic in any home.

We also carry a range of other products for those looking for something a bit more modestly priced, though still very high quality. With products from world leaders in sound engineering and acoustic equipment, you'll be sure to find speakers that pack a punch and are perfect for audiophiles or those looking to impress.

The Best Home Theatre Systems in Melbourne

Regardless of what you want your system to look like, the speakers you find at AVR are some of the best on the market. Our experienced team is familiar with a wide variety of in-home speaker set-ups, and if you get in touch with us today, we can help you design a killer sound system for your home too. Our wide range of products has something for everyone - from the simplest home entertainment system to systems for the quality-conscious.

If you’ve previously thought that a home theatre was out of reach for you and your family, we can show you how it’s possible to get something beautiful on a budget if you know what to look for and where to look.