Which Ceiling Speakers Are Right for Your Perth Home Theatre System: TV Surround Sound Systems Ranked

As an audiophile, you don’t compromise on sound and know what makes a high-quality speaker versus one that just does the basics. With this in mind, you might think ceiling speakers are too low quality to give you the high-fidelity sound reproduction you prefer. Since they’re the small side and utilise a different design than more traditional speaker options, it can be hard to imagine a ceiling speaker producing sound as powerful as wall mounted, or floor standing surround sound speakers.

It turns out however that you can find high-quality ceiling speakers in Perth! If you’re thinking about upgrading your surround sound system in Perth or are starting from scratch on a new home theatre, we at the Audio Visual Revolution (AVR) team want to talk to you. We don’t just sell speakers; we’re passionate about sound. To that end, we’ve made it our goal to import and stock only the best quality speakers in the home entertainment industry today.

Top TV Home Theatre Systems in Perth

When designing TV home theatre systems, there’s a lot to keep in mind. From the shape of the room to the type of media you’re going to be playing, it all impacts your choice of speakers. At AVR, we’re familiar with all these considerations and can help you design a system that plays to the strengths of your space and delivers the sound quality you desire.

We start with only high quality equipment which goes a long way toward beautiful sound design. Proper equipment isn’t everything though. TV speaker systems - and in ceiling arrangements in particular - are only as good as their layout. Therefore, in addition to providing Australia with solid imported audio products - which we’ll get to in just a moment - the AVR team can also advise you on layout and how to combine different speaker options for the greatest effect.

Not All Brands Are Equal

Each of the surround sound ceiling speakers you’ll find at AVR was selected for a reason. We only stock high quality brands, but depending on what you need, some are better applications than others. Here’s a brief rundown of the brands we provide:

  • Cabasse - Unequivocally top of the line, Cabasse speakers, are precision designed to a very high level of technical precision. These innovative speakers give you the fidelity and presence of something much bigger. Check out the Cabasse Archipel 13ICD for crisp sound quality in an easy-mount integration.
  • Wharfedale - Combining quality with modest pricing, Wharfedale is one of the most well-known speaker companies in the business serving as a great option for a well-integrated look without sacrificing quality.
  • Proficient - Perhaps our favourite for in-ceiling speakers, Proficient gives you the widest range of ceiling speakers available at AVR. They specialise in ceiling and wall speakers. Explicitly designed for in-home use, these speakers are easy to install and offer options for any budget.

Whatever you end up with, with AVR you know you’re getting something reliable, and you’ll have access to our highly-qualified team for any sound design questions, product comparisons, or technical details you might need.