Build the Ultimate Home Theatre System in Sydney With Ceiling Speakers and Surround Sound TV Systems

A high-quality speaker system is not just a status symbol. Getting clear sound and reliable equipment can significantly improve your home entertainment experience and make family movie nights something you and your kids alike will look forward to and enjoy. All it takes to bring the family together is a little Audio-Visual Revolution!

At AV Revolution, we’ve helped many Sydney families put together stunning home theatres, utilising our top of the line speaker brands, integrated systems, and easy to operate installations. The right TV sound system can turn an average home into a cinema lover’s dream, and with our talented team, you can have a top-quality entertainment space set up in your home in no time. Everyone’s vision is different, so bringing your home entertainment system to life depends on what’s most important to you. At AV Revolution, we take this to heart and can help you design a system that delivers the sound quality you want while being conscious of space and price. You might be surprised how accessible a top class TV system can be.

Beautiful Home Theatre Systems in Sydney

The first step to building a truly excellent surround sound system is to start with high quality components. While speaker placement and proper installation are also vitally important to get it right if you start with low-quality equipment even the best planning will leave you with sub-par sound. That’s why AV Revolution starts out with quality in mind.

We’ve made it our mission to bring the world’s best speaker systems to Australia. The TV speakers in our Sydney customer service centre come from all over the world and have been carefully vetted by our team for sound quality, price, and reliability. The brands we’re most excited about, are British. Wharfedale brand speakers, for instance, are known by audiophiles everywhere as the gold standard in speaker quality. Now over 85 years old, Wharfedale has been a feature of the audiovisual world for decades, and their Diamond series has won numerous industry awards for quality and precision. These impressive speakers come in a wide variety of designs and settings and add power to any home entertainment system.

Go the Extra Mile with Ceiling Speakers in Sydney

One way to make your surround sound system in Sydney truly impressive is to add ceiling speakers to the mix. In-ceiling speakers are perfect for home use because their enclosed and hidden design means there’s no visible cords or speaker boxes to plan around or keep from getting cluttered. Some people prefer home theatre systems that utilise only in-ceiling speakers, for a sleek and unobtrusive look, but you can also pair ceiling speakers in the rear of the room with upright speakers to the front. This way, you get a good surround sound effect without filling your living room with sound equipment. The right design for your space, however, depends on what the room looks like and your desired effect. Get your planning started by visiting our online store and make your dream sound system a reality with AV Revolution.