Mission M3 SKU MI-M3-0
RRP $2,499.99
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Mission M3

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Mission M3 SKU MI-M3-0
RRP $2,499.99
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With easy install on wall or on ceiling mounting, as well as desk stands, and wall brackets, the new Mission M3 is the solution for anyone lookig for Hi-Fi quality sound from AV and music sources that need a versatile and most of all discrete loudspeaker system.

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M³ is the third generation satellite and subwoofer 5.1 AV system from Mission. M-Cube is now M Cubed.

M³ is designed specifically for fuss-free home cinema. Compact speakers, simple mounting brackets and wide dispersion audio means you can't go wrong from installation to enjoying a movie.

Compact form, Massive coverage

The key to the M3's ability to provide high quality sound no matter where the satellites are placed, is a newly developed full-range sound panel called BMR.

The BMR driver in each M3 satellite speaker not only covers the 120Hz to 20kHz frequency range output by an AV Processor with speakers set to "small" but also disperses its output over an unprecedented 90 degree angl, so the speakers no longer need to be positioned directly towards the listener for clarity and detail of the material being played back.

Sonically matched Sub Bass

The M3 subwoofer is a powerhouse accepting LFE output from the AV Processor and achieving a 35Hz to 120Hz frequency response with exceptional dynamic control. This is the result of using an 8 inch long-throw, higly linear bass driver, itself driven by a 200 Watt Class-D amplifier equipped with precisely alignned equalisation for a clear and powerful bass reproduction that perfectly matches the M3 satellites.

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M3 Satellites

Driver 3 inch BMR full range
Frequency Response 120Hz - 20kHz
Power Handling 80 Watts
Sensitivity 84dB
Nominal Impedence 8 Ohms
Dimensions (H x W x D) 105 x 90 x 98 mm each
Weight 0.75 kg each
Colour Black, White


M3 Subwoofer


Enclosure Type Down Firing Sealed box
Bass Driver 8 inch long-throw Cone
Amplifier Power 200 Watts / 400 Watts Peak
Frequency Response 35Hz - 120Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 282 x 274 x 274 mm
Weight 8kg
Colour  Black, White