NuForce P-20 Pre Amplifier SKU N-HE-P20-B

Regular Price: $7,399.99

Special Price $2,220.00

NuForce P-20 Pre Amplifier

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NuForce P-20 Pre Amplifier SKU N-HE-P20-B

Regular Price: $7,399.99

Special Price $2,220.00

The P-20 Preamplifier’s elegantly sculpted aluminum case encloses a number of significant advances over the preamp’s award-winning P-9 predecessor in several key areas, especially with respect to volume control. A preamp’s volume-control capabilities are among its most critical features.

Product Description


The P-20’s numerically controlled, switched-resistor ladder network features the last word in thin-film technology. In order to improve precision and lower the noise floor to the vanishing point, Nuforce have implemented a single thin-film, ultra-low-noise resistor in the signal path for each of the volume control’s 0.5dB gain settings, thus permitting the listener to achieve the desired volume level in precise 0.5dB steps. As a further benefit, the listener is able to adjust any input’s level to exactly correspond with any other, thereby simplifying the matching of source-component volume levels.

The heart of the P-20 boasts an all-discrete, fastidiously precise amplifier module. Because speed is of paramount significance, Nuforce have reduced capacitive loading on the final voltage amp with the implementation of ultra-low-noise, monolithic dual JFETs, specially selected VMOS FETs, and extremely flat hFE bipolar transistors in a dual cascode configuration, all of which are combined within a driven-shield arrangement. The P-20 offers a 5MHz power bandwidth, an S/N ratio exceeding 100dB, and a dynamic range in excess of 120 dB. There are no capacitors or DC-servos in the inherently stable P-20’s gain circuit.

And, in keeping with these advances, Nuforce have paid a great deal of attention to isolation. They have covered the amplifier modules with thermal insulation along with heavy copper shields in order to avoid thermal drift or signal-degrading heating effects. Each amp module’s self-contained shunt regulator further assists in isolation from power supplies. A similarly isolated floating-current source supply feeds each module to insure separation from ground-system noise.

Since all control functions are powered by discrete power supplies, the P-20’s design prevents any logic circuitry clock-signal noise from ever contaminating the analog section's low-level signals. In keeping with the P-20’s state-of-the-art features, Nuforce include a delightfully convenient, custom-designed remote control. In sum, the P-20’s near-to-molecular clarity offers the last word in utterly transparent, organic sound – in effect, a stress-free listening experience as close to live as audio permits. Better still, these features can be activated by a 12V trigger signal enabling system integration without the need for manual intervention. All that's required is a processor or receiver with a common 12V trigger connection

Inputs 1 x Balanced XLR & 5 x RCA
Outputs 1 x Balanced XLR & 1 x RCA
Frequency Response

20Hz (+0.02dB) - 20kHz (-0dB)

DC (+0.5dB) - 1Mhz (-0dB)

DC (+0.5dB - 2.5 MHz (-3dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

0.0006% @ 1kHz

0.003% @ 20Hz - 20kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

100dB @ 20Hz - 20kHz

> 90dB @ DC - 1MHz

Input Impedance 10K ohm
Output Impedance 100 ohm
Maximum Output 7V RMS
Dimensions (H x W x D) 65 x 432 x 381mm each (inc feet)
Weight 7.7Kg
Colour Choice Black