Quad Platinum Pre SKU Q-PL-PRE-BL
RRP $3,849.99

Quad Platinum Pre

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Quad Platinum Pre SKU Q-PL-PRE-BL
RRP $3,849.99

Quad Platinum Pre has a wealth of inputs, from Phono (MM/MC) to balanced XLR and multiple line inputs to ensure all your sources are sounding as best as they possibly can. With so many connections, system link and 12v triggers integrate the pre amplifier with complete ease of use while perfectly matched internal components produce a class-leading sound.

Product Description


The Platinum Pre-Amplifier is an elegant, outstanding well engineered units offering class leading sound. The Platinum Pre can be partnered with other Platinum series components or with other alternative high fidelity amplification.

Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs, as well as a phono input are provided offering the user complete compatibility with other units in the Platinum Series and ensuring compatibility with the widest possible range of high fidelity and studio equipment.

Frequency Response 20Hz - 150kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
Input Impedence 10k Ohms
Maximum Output Voltage 9V rms (Fixed Output)
Input Sensitivity (Phono)

2mV (MM)

200uV (MC)

Signal to Noise Ratio 100dB

1 x Phono

4 x Line

1 x Balanced XLR


2 x RCA

1 x Balanced XLR

Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 102 x 380 x 305mm
Weight 4.7Kg
Available Colours Black