Quad QC-24P Valve Phono Pre Amplifier SKU Q-QII-QC24P-VAL-PHONO-PRE-LG
RRP $2,949.99

Quad QC-24P Valve Phono Pre Amplifier

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Quad QC-24P Valve Phono Pre Amplifier SKU Q-QII-QC24P-VAL-PHONO-PRE-LG
RRP $2,949.99

With the analogue purist in mind the QC -24P has a moving magnet/moving coil toggle switch and direct/variable level control over volume for use with all kinds of amplification.

Product Description


For the connoisseur, there is the Quad QC-24P dedicated valve phono stage. This has been designed for Quad by valve supremo Tim DeParavicini - probably the finest valve amplifier designer in the world today.

It has been voiced by the finest ears in the industry and will add an entirely new dimension to your enjoyment of vinyl recordings. This unit features a moving magnet/ moving coil toggle switch on the rear, a choice of input sensitivities and a direct full level output or variable level output if you wish to connect directly to a power amplifier.

Valve Complement 4 x 6H16B Twin Triode
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Less than 0.08%
Hum and Noise Better than 60dB
Input Impedence 47 Ohms (MC) / 10 Ohms (MM)
Stage Gain - High/Med/Low 1.3, 2.6, 5.2mV (MM) / 130, 260, 520uV (MC)
Normal Output Level 1V (ref 5.2mV, MM, Low)

1 x Fixed Line Level

1 x Variable Line Level

Power Consumption 15VA Maximum
Dimensions in mm (H x W x D) 90 x 220 x 300
Available Colours Lancaster Grey
Why Quad
  • British Hi-Fi legend
  • Established in 1936 and is still an innovator
  • Maker of world renowned products
  • Creator of the world renowned ESL speaker