Quad LF-66 SKU Q-LF-66-PBL
RRP $1,749.99

Quad LF-66

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Quad LF-66 SKU Q-LF-66-PBL
RRP $1,749.99

With Quad's extensive experience in twin and long throw driver design, we are proud to introduce a new range of subwoofers, the Quad LF Series LF-66.

Product Description


The smallest LF Series Subwoofer, the Quad LF-66 active subwoofer is the perfect companion for small home cinema systems and as a subwoofer for bass reinfircement in a 2.1 system.

It will integrate flawlessly with other speaker, and punches way above its weight class in performance thanits size would indicate.

Twin long throw 6 inch active woofers and its 400W amplifier create thundering low frequency attacks.

General Description Dynamic Drive IB System
Enclosure Type Sealed Enclosure
Bass Driver DUAL side firing 6.5 inch Tri-Laminate cones
Input Sensitivity 250mV
Frequency Range 50Hz - 150Hz
Amplifier Power 200W RMS / 400W Peak
SPL 110dB
Input Impedence

5K Ohms (LFE)

10k Ohms (Line In)

Features Phase (0,180), Auto On/Off
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 302 x 240 x 260 mm
Weight 8.96kg
Available Colours Piano Black, Piano White, Ruby Red
Why Quad
  • British Hi-Fi legend
  • Established in 1936 and is still an innovator
  • Maker of world renowned products
  • Creator of the world renowned ESL speaker