Quad QX-900 SKU Q-C-QX-900/2.0M
RRP $899.99

Quad QX-900

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Quad QX-900 SKU Q-C-QX-900/2.0M
RRP $899.99
Quad Balanced Analogue interconnects.
Product Description


Custom designed audio cable for balanced transmission using a twisted pair round section cable.Terminated with XLR type connectors, contacts gold-plated for maximum signal integrity.

Uses two Oxygen Free, High Purity Copper (OFHC) conductors with Teflon Dielectric, reinforced with an aluminium foil wrap for each channel, plus OFHC shield and ground wire. Resistance, capacitance and inductance are balanced for mimimal effect on the signal transmission.

This cordage is recommended for any symmetrical analogue connection such as CD Players, Phono Stages, Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers.