QED Reference Subwoofer Cable SKU QED-SUB-R-QEDRSW/6
RRP $383.99

QED Reference Subwoofer Cable

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QED Reference Subwoofer Cable SKU QED-SUB-R-QEDRSW/6
RRP $383.99

NOTE: This item is in the old style packaging - Available Online ONLY

QED's Reference Subwoofer, is the new standard for timing, accuracy and rhythm.

Product Description


NOTE: This product is the current cordage, but in the old version of the packaging - Available Online ONLY

QED Reference Subwoofer has been designed primarily for low capacitance. Why? Because QED identified capacitance as the major factor in delivering a tight sound which retains the rhythm of the original piece - vital when it comes to the 'bottom end!"


Feature & Benefits

 Award Winning Heritage

QED has won more What Hi-Fi Awards than any other single brand. With the Reference cable range this heritage is delivered directly and without compromise. All QED cables are designed using the top down principle with Reference Subwoofer representing the pinnacle of musical performance.

Just Listen

Silver plated signal carriers, effective high quality shielding and low eddy current plugs all combine to create audible sonic improvements. We urge you to compare it not only to your favourite cable but also alternative brands and models at any price!

Complementary Conductor Technology

Improves timing and detail, retaining the rhythm of the original piece - vital when it comes to the "bottom end." Unlike conventional analogue interconnects, Reference Audio uses two silver plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors of different diameters to carry the same audio signal. This has the effect of providing an alternative signal path for more subtle audio components which might otherwise become time smeared in a single audio pathway. Reference Sub Woofer is further optimised by having a 25% smaller diameter than Reference Audio making it more convenient for those long runs around the room.

Available in 6 m Only

Silver plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors
Dual symmetrical twisted pair geometry for improved noise reduction
Foamed LDPE insulation for reduced dissipation
Double screened with a dual 99.999% OFC braid
8 leaf 24k gold plated RCA ground ring for a stable ground connection
Precision engineered plug with integrated user grip
QED Lifetime Guarantee
  • British specialist manufacturer
  • Established in 1973
  • More awards than any other connectivity company
  • Renowned for its technical innovation