QED Reference Optical Digital Audio Cable SKU QED-OPT-REF-QE3310-0
RRP $313.99
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QED Reference Optical Digital Audio Cable

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QED Reference Optical Digital Audio Cable SKU QED-OPT-REF-QE3310-0
RRP $313.99
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RRP $313.99
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QED's superior Reference Toslink Optical digital audio interconnect cable is made made with 210 real glass fibres conductors.

Product Description


QED Reference Optical 40 is the first of its kind, consisting of 210 separate boro-silicate glass fibres.

This cable allows you to experience stunning sound when connecting DACs, TVs, CD players and Blu-Ray players to amplifiers or receivers because of its much higher bandwidth and only 10% of the attenuation of traditional acrylic fibre cables.

Reference Optical 40 vastly exceeds the demands of high definition multi-channel digital audio, having a bandwidth of over 150MHz which is totally unaffected by bending the cable.

Features & Benefits


QED's new Glasscore™ technology employs multiple fibre bundles of ultra-fine boro-silicate glass optical fibres (GOF) of no more than 50um each to make up the 1mm diameter necessary to conform to the Toslink standard connectors. Because the fibres are so small the different paths taken by the light rays are similar in length virtually eliminating the timing error and introducing less distortion and jitter. This has the effect of increasing bandwidth and the accuracy of the data transmission.


The quartz fibres are coated with a cladding of low Refractive Index to guide the light signal.


This vastly exceeds the demands for high definition multi-channel HD digital audio. In contrast to conventional acrylic glass optical cables quartz glass cables can deliver signals up to and including 24bit/192kHz with very low jitter .

Reference Optical Quartz can provide a much higher bandwidth than a single acrylic glass fibre with 1/10th of the attenuation.


QED have calculated that jitter (distortions caused by timing differences between the different light paths) in conventional optical cables could typically reach up to 145ps. In Reference Optical Quartz, timing errors are virtually eliminated, introducing less distortion, jitter and ultra low loss < 0.03 dB/m.

Highly flexible 210 x 50 micron optical fibre bundle
Bandwidth >150MHz
Ultra low jitter
Stepped refractive index
Ultra low loss < 0.03 dB/m
QED Lifetime Guarantee