Cabasse Santorin 38 SKU CAB-SANTORIN-38
RRP $17,999.99

Cabasse Santorin 38

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Cabasse Santorin 38 SKU CAB-SANTORIN-38
RRP $17,999.99

The Cabasse Santorin 38 brings serious low frequency performance to all your music and movies.

Product Description


Fitted with the 15 inch honeycomb dome woofer from the flagship L’Océan, the Santorin 38 subwoofer takes low frequency reproduction to new levels. The bandwidth is smooth and flat to below 17Hz and the dynamic performance is impressive in its ease at all amplitudes. The set up module measurements are always precise and its acoustic correction improves transparency throughout the entire spectrum, resulting in serious low frequency performance regardless of what you are listeing to.

The 360° vertically down-firing honeycomb woofer of the Santorin 38 allows for an exceptionally smooth bandwidth in your listening room, often even wider than that measured in Cabasse’s anechoic chamber. woofer was specifically designed for use in a closed box and the resulting acoustic experience is free of any vibration or coloration, even at the lowest of frequencies.

Cabasse acoustical analysis and room correction software is built into the 500W amplifier. The system comes with a measuring microphone ensuring an automatic adaptation of the subwoofer’s response. Three different manual or automatic set ups can be memorized and then selected with the remote control.

Enclosure Type Down Firing Sealed Unit
Bass Driver 15 inch Honeycomb Dome
Amplifier Power 500 Watts
Frequency Response 17Hz - 170Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 510 x 620 x 590 mm
Weight 53kg
Colour  Gloss Black