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Our range of products is designed to suit both ardent audiophiles and home theatre enthusiasts who insist on only the best for their sound and AV installations.

Our products can be added on to an existing sound or AV system, or used to build a new system from the ground up. We offer entire home theatre systems, or you can create a custom system to suit your needs. Amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers, subwoofers, CD players, cables and brackets are just some of the products we have in our portfolio.

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The Art of Loudspeaker Manufacturing

Britain has long been recognized throughout the world as being the home of loudspeaker technology in terms of innovation and quality. This reputation has built up over many years by some of the world’s most famous loudspeaker manufacturers. Wharfedale, established over eighty years ago has always been at the forefront of developing this reputation.

Wharfedale is probably the most complete designer and manufacturer of hi-fi loudspeakers in the world today. Wharfedale’s UK based design team have complete freedom to specify materials, processes, shapes and performance parameters of every component part – often working with their experienced production teams to develop new and more efficient processes. Wharfedale’s manufacturing facility is one of the world’s most vertically integrated factories in which every single component and process takes place in-house. Total control, impeccable performance and affordable prices.

Accessorising Headphones

The headphone category has enjoyed a nice resurgence in the past few years, with more brands than ever trying their luck in this heavily endorsed product segment. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the free sets of earbuds, supplied with their latest smartphones, rather are conscious of the “coolness” and sound quality benefits of better headphones.

With the increase in headphone use, the natural progression is for more headphone accessories to come to market. Electronics manufacturers are allocating more resources to include headphone outputs on their products and improve their headphone amplifiers and  cable manufacturers are increasing their range of complementary products. We have seen both Audiolab and Quad incorporate high quality headphone outputs into products such as the M-ONE and Vena; and have also seen QED increase their headphone extension cable range.  Like a good pair of speakers, the better electronics one uses to drive these and better cables used to WILL give the user BETTER audio performance.

Why Cabasse
  • French specialist speaker manufacturer
  • Established in 1950 by Georges Cabasse
  • Unparallelled technical exactness
  • Unmatched know-how in electro-acoustics
  • Complete respect of natural sounds
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